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Bad Credit Loans

Bad Credit Loans

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Bad Credit Loans - A Door to Open for Good Financial Times!

You cannot take lightly your financial emergencies as these can disturb the balance of your life. They require an instant fund to manage the troubling situation. And only a few lenders will offer support with bad credit loans.

At Easy Loan Hub, we serve borrowers based on their current financial conditions. Your application will not end in the rejection list solely because of some past mistakes. The affordability is measured with the current income and liabilities in the customer’s profile.

You get to control the loan term to reduce repayment stress. The interest rates offered in loans for bad credit are slightly higher than those of the increased risk profile. However, you can manage those interest rates easier with the flexibility offered on repayment terms.

  • Fast Fund Disbursement
  • No Hard Enquiry on Credit History
  • Flexible Repayment Options

How to Get Very Bad Credit Loans in the UK?

To get loans for bad credit in the UK, you can use the traditional visiting a bank or credit union. Stand in lines and wait for a few days to get approval. Or, you can apply online at our website and get instant approval.

Visit the apply now page, fillin the details, and wait for our representative to get in touch with you. They will conduct a financial assessment to check the affordability ofthe loan. You can submit the required documentation online to get the fund disbursement within the next 24 hours.

Soft Check v/s Hard Check

A credit check is an integral part of the lending process for loans with bad creditthat helps with the affordability assessment. It helps the lenders find the repayment habit and list of liabilities to form an opinion of their application. The FCA has allowed lenders to assess the credit history with either hard or soft enquiry.

  • Hard Enquiry will Damage Credit History

    Banks and most private lenders will conduct a hard enquiry on the credit history for detailed analysis. It leaves a trail on your credit history that shows desperation for funds in future applications. Therefore, it will hurt your profile if you apply for loans for bad credit with no guarantorin too many places.

  • Soft Enquiry Leaves No Trail

    At EasyLoanHub, we conduct a soft enquiry on the credit history of the borrowers. This allows us to get the required details to assess your profile keeping the rating intact. If you have many liabilities to clear, we may think again whether to approve loan application for you or not on bad credit loans with no guarantor.

When to Take Loans for Bad Credit Score

No financial expert will suggest a loan if the credit ratings are already low. At the same time, loan comes out as the only solution to avert an unwanted situation. The following are the top reasons to consider loans for bad credit –

  • Debt Consolidation

    You can pay the high-interest debts with bad credit loans from a direct lender. It will help make the repayment less stressful on the budget. Your credit ratings will improve with timely payments.

  • Repairs and Replacement

    Our livelihood is dependent on technology because of computers in almost everything. Your life may disrupt if one of these equipment gets broken. Our very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker will provide instant funds to help repair and replace these essential kinds of stuff.

  • Medical Emergency

    Prepare yourself for an unsettling bill if you opt for personalised treatment for a medical emergency. There is no way you can escape the bill unless you have third-party insurance. If not, you can apply for bad creditno guarantor loans on our site.

  • Moving Expenses

    A new job may lead you to an unknown neighbourhood in search of a new apartment. The moving process is expensive, with a long list of spending. A bad credit loan will help cover various costs, and you can manage it with a new job.

  • Events and Occasions

    There are numerous events and occasions that leave your finances unstable with all the expenses. These are often unavoidable because of the involved sentiments and people, such as weddings, birthdays, and festivals. If you can afford the repayment, it is hard to argue over why they shouldn’t be celebrated to the fullest.

Direct Lenders v/s Banks

EasyLoanHub is a direct lender in the financial market that offers different types of loans to borrowers. There are no brokers involved to charge some commission in between. Also, the services are personalised that suits the requirements of the borrowers.

On the other hand, banks will rarely offer bad credit loans with no guarantor. They have very stringent policies and a lengthy process that takes forever to complete. You don’t get the personalised treatment as the policies are the same for every borrower.

In short, customer experience is an area where private lenders excel. The services offered are far superior since we prioritise the needs of the customer over some corporate policies. The services are curated, keeping in mind the various requirements of the borrowers.

What Bad credit Reasons Are Okay with Us?

Many reasons can contribute to the bad credithistory of a person. We believe the reason is more important than the ratings when we offer bad credit loans,since the situation may have been out of your hand to manage.

Here are some reasons for bad creditokay with us –

  • Defaults
  • Missed Payments
  • CCJs
  • Bankruptcy
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement
  • Fulfilled Debt Management Plan

However, we will check the present financial condition to ensure the borrower will not repeat the same pattern of mistakes. You can explain the situation to our representative. The final decision on your application will remain on their judgement.

Advantages of unsecured personal loans

You may get multiple deals on unsecured loans in the UK when you explore the marketplace. Getting the best out of them and from the responsible direct lender is more important.

EasyLoanHub vouches for ensuring such a reliable lending hub where you can borrow funds without any doubt and obstacle. We have many advantages of unsecured personal loans to offer to you. These are:-

  • Instant Loan Approval:

    As no need of pledging an asset, you get the instant approval as well as the fund disbursal based on your affordability. It means you get the amount to your bank account on the exact date of application submission.

  • No Risk of Losing Assets:

    This is perhaps the basic difference between unsecured loans and secured loans. You are not on the risk of losing collateral in unsecured loan as you have not submitted it. You may have to pay a slight higher interest rate for this. Still, these loan options are less expensive than secured loans.

  • Flexible Lending Terms:

    When it comes to another difference, then it is between the traditional lenders and the direct lenders in the UK. We are the reliable online direct lender and offer only flexible lending suitable to everyone. We keep several choices in front of you from the borrowing amount to the loan term. It will be based on your loan affordability.

  • Best Option during Financial Emergency:

    Financial emergencies have become a part of life. They always dismantle your financial progress. However, you can easily get rid out of them by applying for short-term loans like these bad credit unsecured loans.

  • Lending doors open for adverse credit scores:

    We have opened our lending doors for those with very poor credit scores. It means if you have County Court Judgement (CCJ) against your credit profile, you can still apply for our bad credit personal loans. We can approve your loan application based on your income capacity.

Can I Get Loans for Bad Credit in the UK During the Unemployment Phase?

Yes, we offer bad creditloans for the unemployed if they have some source of secondary income. It doesn’t have to be a 9-5 jobat some big firm to become eligible. We will consider your application if you work parttime, freelancer, or sole traders.

Many small businesses also take loans for very bad credit from direct lenders to help manage the sudden cash crunch. Our representative will assess the repayment capability based on the overall income and liabilities. That includes government schemes and pensions as well.

How the Repayment will be Easy?

As a borrower, you have to be fully committed for the loan repayment. You have the choice of making loan repayments up to five years here. You may find yourself in another financial crisis and end up defaulting on the current liabilities. To avoid this, you can use the flexible repayment options provided with loans for people with bad credit.

You can select the repayment term from 6 months to 5 years on the big loans for bad credit. Longer duration of the loan will reduce the stress on your budget to make the repayment easier. At the same time, a shorter duration will clear the loan early with a lower overall cost.

Also, you can extend the loan term in between without applying for a different loan. You get to choose the date of repayment based on your preference. Moreover, there will be no additional charges if you miss a payment in between.

  • Preferred Duration of Loan
  • Option to Extend Loan Term
  • No Charges on a Missed Payment

Reasons to Choose Easy Loan Hub

Apart from our long list of satisfied customers and their positive reviews, there are plenty of more reasons to choose EasyLoanHub.

  • Flexible Policies

    As mentioned above, we offer personalised solutions to borrowers with competitive interest rates. Your repayment capability will determine the availability of the funds. Therefore, you apply for loans with bad credit without a regular job if you can afford the repayment.

  • Excellent Customer Experience

    Our representative will get in touch with you within moments of your application. They will guide you throughout the process to ensure there is no doubt or unresolved queries. Also, our services are available across the UK with the same level of customer support.

  • Fast Amount Disbursement

    Unlike traditional financial institutions, we use an online application and verification process to provide loans for bad credit with no guarantor no fees as a direct lender. We will answer the application within a few hours, and the fund disbursement will only take 24 hours. The amount will be transferred to your bank account after the documents are submitted and verified.


Can I refinance my bad credit loan?

If you are good in making all repayments on time, we can consider your application for loan refinancing. Your credit score has shown improvement, and in such a situation, you may get lower interest rates.

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