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10 Reasons to Rent Instead of Buying a Home

Rent Home, Buying Home

Owing to a home in the UK has always been challenging for individuals. Families have always been searching for the best home buying or renting options.

Both renting and owning have their financial advantages, but buying is not for everyone.

Despite what it might sound like, renting a home is better than owning one.

Renting a home is ideal for the one who is seeking extra flexibility with low maintenance. While buying a home inculcates serious commitments like getting the finances sorted, renting helps one design his/her lifestyle with freedom and flexibility.

For buying a home, one ideal option is to apply for loans from a bad creditor with no guarantor. It eases up the home acquisition process and helps you fulfil your dream of owning one.

Here are some reasons to rent instead of buying a home:

Freedom from maintenance costs and repairs

It is one of the best parts of renting a home than buying one. Once you rent a house, your landlord handles the maintenance bills and other costs, including repairs and home improvement.

As a homeowner, you pay for all the home repairs, renovation, and maintenance costs. That’s in addition to taking unsecured loans for bad credit from direct lenders only in the UK. While how much cumbersome it may seem, it is tiresome than that. And apart from this, it can disturb your budget to a great extent.

No burden of down payments

Another benefit of renting a home instead of owning one is you don’t have to set a separate budget for down payments.

Renters usually have to pay a security deposit for a month, and that’s all they have to do. On the flip side, home seekers have to pay a sizeable down payment every month to ensure home equity.  And once you own the home after so many down payments, maintenance and other charges await your attention.

Renting eliminates risks

Buying a home is an investment, and investments involve risks. Many people like knowing that if they end up in regret over a living, they only have to put up for a year. Renting over the living situation and/or location, they have to put it up for a year.

No concerns about property devaluation

Property values rise and fall. This is a major concern for homeowners. Renters are also affected to a degree. Home values affect the amount of property taxes you owe. Moreover, you are free from any bondage of mortgage as a renter. For homeowners, maintenance costs, house taxes, and property taxes present additional problems that renters do not fear.

Fixed rent amount

As a renter, you pay a fixed amount of rent as per the lease span agreement. However, landlords can increase the rent after some years, so you get ample time to budget accordingly.

Homeowners face the same situation with fixed mortgage rates, and it allows for efficient budgeting. But an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage results in increased mortgage payments.

No property taxes to pay

Property taxes are a major headache for homeowners. But when you are renting a home, you are free from any obligation to pay the property taxes on the home. Yes, you can use loans for bad credit with no guarantor for meeting your emergency requirements instead of costly property taxes.

Consider how much you can save in your purse by renting a house instead of buying one?

It is amazing!

Some utilities to pay

Many insurance companies cover certain utility costs for their tenant, which means you may end up with free Wi-Fi, heat, water, electricity, or more. Talking about these utilities isn’t a burden on your pocket and is often included in the rent itself.

It is a lot cheaper than buying a home itself. Many rentals end up fetching an order where they have to pay less for every square foot. Therefore, renting is a lot cheaper than buying a home.

Cut on updates

Renting prevents you from indulging in costly maintenance. Yes, you can live with that chipped-off wall in the kitchen or the ceiling issues in the bathroom. Or if it becomes severe, you can inform the landlord of the same. He will get it repaired for you.

In opposition to it, homeowners are in for a major overhaul of the house. Upgrades aren’t just part and parcel of life but are critical to ensuring a good resale value of the home. Owing to this, many homeowners apply for unsecured loans for bad credit from direct lenders only in the UK to undertake everything with good finances in hand.

Relocation becomes effortless

If you travel frequently or mostly on professional trips, then renting a home is a good option. Suppose, if you want to move out or switch locations, you can easily do it on a rented property than as a homeowner.

It is because you share fewer responsibilities and less paperwork and are free to move out with no worries.

So, if you are someone who hardly rests at home, then renting a property is an ideal option for you.

Decide your budget and choose

Owning and renting a home has its advantages and disadvantages.

The best way to decide whether to rent or own a home is – jot down your budget. Decide if you can stretch your budget to meet maintenance and property tax requirements?

While defining budget parameters, ensure to have a separate budget for retirement. Choose the option that best fits your goals and finances.

For ensuring more clarity, whether to buy or own a house, here is what you can do:

Decide whether you are pressured to buy a house?

Are you getting married, or are you caught up in the idea of buying a home at the right age? However, the right time is when you are ready mentally and financially to buy a home.

How are your finances?

Evaluate your finances and current debt-to-income ratio, savings, and other assets before applying for loans for bad credit with no guarantorIf you don’t, the mortgage firm will. If you don’t sort out the things, you may not like the experience. Mortgage and home values are nothing if you lack finances.

Are you troubled because of pandemic circumstances?

Are you pressured by the thoughts of buying a property at low rates in the pandemic era?

Property and real estate suffered severely in the pandemic era, and thus, many homes are now affordable. But that doesn’t imply that you have to buy it. Well, if you are seeking options for unsecured loans for bad credit, direct lenders only in the UK can help you.

How long can you save for owning a home?


Well, that’s something challenging to answer. It is important to analyze how much is needed and for how much time you can save money. It can be around 20-30 years. Well, the rates of property are transitory and continuously increase. Thus, you will have to save more than the current rates to buy a home.

Bottom line

So, while homeownership is considered a good option, rental investment is a better one. It saves you from property tax, maintenance, repairs and eliminates every risk involved with owning a home.

Thus, before deciding between buying a home and renting one, go through the above-listed points and make the most important decision of your life hassle-free. Home investments are time-taking and planned ones. Thus be conscious while buying one.

If you are still confused, consider hiring an expert.

10 Reasons to Rent Instead of Buying a Home

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