Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day in London
Anna Johnson November 23, 2022

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday in November. This year it will be celebrated on 24th November 2022 in the country. The country celebrates the autumn harvest feast in remembrance of the Plymouth and Wampanoag colonists. They struggled to grow and harvest food crops. The Native Americans help them grow one systematically.

In response, the pilgrims launched a huge feast and invited Native Americans. It was a way of thanking God for all the good he bestowed on the people. The countries UK and US used to celebrate it on different dates until 1789. The country’s people acknowledge the good hearts and signal it as an almighty favour.

Does London (UK) celebrate Thanks Giving Day?

No, it is a normal day for London individuals, unlike in the US, where individuals have 4 days off. Americans in London invite their British neighbours or friends to relish the festival spirit. Canada also celebrates Thanksgiving Day.

How to celebrate Thanksgiving Day in London?

Though it is a normal day for London citizens, you may still have the best times near some of the most exotic locations like- the River Thames, the Tower of London, or the famous Buckingham Palace. You can have the best experience without breaking the bank.

 Suppose you are slightly low on your savings and undergoing unemployment, tap loans for the unemployed from direct lenders. It could help you smile away your worries and relish the best moment with your loved ones on this special day. Here are some best ways to celebrate Thanksgiving Day in London.

1)      Try traditional and local Cuisine

This holiday season, break from the usual by exploring the local cuisines. Instead of the traditional Thanksgiving meal, you may try the best food out.

If you wish to try the traditional dish- go for turkey. If you have a large oven installed, unusual to find in Britisher’s home, you may go for the dish.

Apart from this, you can try Green Bean Casserole. It is a sweet potato dish with marshmallows on top. The prime components of a traditional Thanksgiving dish are mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and gravy.

2)      Interact with Americans

If you are in London for good, you may find North Americans in good population here. Most of these are Expat Americans. There is this group known as the London Expat American Meetup Group.

The group is for those interested in interacting with North Americans and wanting to know their culture in detail. You may love it more if it sounds cool because you may find many like-minded people there. It is ideal for students or newly employed individuals looking for a company in the country.

3)      Host a grand feast at home

If you have American university friends or corporate colleagues, celebrate together. Call in your brits friends or relatives too. However, Motely crews celebrate Thanksgiving days for EXPAT Americans who could not make it to their homes on occasion. Identify the preparations you need to do before invitations.

It could be anything from a little decoration to setting up the hall for the gathering. Identify the ingredients or all you need to prepare a perfect mix of American and British menus. Generally, individuals would like to have the traditional dish.

However, if you cannot prepare it, you can order it. Tap the savings bucket before shopping.

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What matters the most is the spirit of celebrations. The occasion calls for a unified spirit. Thus, even if you do not share good thoughts with the guy living next door, invite him. He would love to be part of the celebrations.

4)      Glam up your style Quotient

Are you missing big Black Friday promotion deals sitting at home? Step out and glam up your style quotient by exploring the countless luxury stops in the city. If you had a light day and feel like exploring the London lanes, nothing could be better than benefiting from the Thanksgiving Day special offer sales.

You can land in the most popular location Bicester Village and indulge yourself in the unmatched shopping experience and designer outfits.

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5)      Book a restaurant evening

For Americans, it is the time of the year to enjoy a home-baked feast. If you need help baking traditional food yourself as a Londoner, explore the specific restaurants.

Check for the restaurants offering a special menu on Thanksgiving Day. You will have the best evening for the day. There are some iconic restaurants that you can explore for the best traditional treat. Check-in Park Lane, Jim Beam, Porky’s BBQ, Beck at Brown’s, The Hero of Maida.

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Bottom line

These are some ideal ways to celebrate Thanksgiving Day in London. It will make your day a memorable one. You can also visit London’s West End or watch a football game to extend the fun-loaded evening. For any queries regarding the loans, contact us anytime.