You Knew About Car-Fest 2022 But You Forgot. Here Is A Reminder


Take your kids along to the Car-fest and have a good family time

CarFest has been organising since 2012. With this festival, it has supported several charities. Around 14 million has been raised since its initiation. This festival happens every year. In 2019, more charities were added to the benefit from this festival.

Around 26% of the ticket sales go to the fundraising event. Many people come to this event, and the proceeds go to charity. This is one aspect of the festival. It offers a wonderful atmosphere for the family.

The whole family can go to the event and enjoy themselves with them. Many more stages and aspects are being added to this program.

Car Fest

The family entertainment

The car fest has recently added a new aspect to raising money for children. This is done for the children who are in need. Hence, it involves different features such as track shows, food shows, motoring, music and many other demonstrations.

All these aspects are included to attract different families. If families are coming to the show, they also bring their kids along. Hence, it becomes a complete family entertainer.

Reasons to visit CarFest with kids

1. Raises money for children in need

If you are going with the kids to the CarFest, you will have a lot of fun. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the car fest. In the past years, this festival has been running successfully everywhere. Also, it has raised around £20 million for the children’s charities.

The coming events are at the following places. CarFest North is in Cheshire at July end. CarFest South is in Hampshire at the August end.

All the proceeds that come from this event go to the children in need. Other trusts that are involved with this festival are the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, the teenage Cancer trust, the rainbow trust and the Starlight Children’s foundation.

All these trusts have been associated with CarFest in an effective way. With this, children have a great time and also this helps the people who are in need. The ticket pricing depends from place to place.

 Also, it depends upon the activities that you do. For example, the ticket price may vary if you want to stay for a longer time and go camping.

If You Are coming with kids, the ticket pricing for adults and kids may vary. Also, the weekend ticket pricing is different.  


If you have financial issues going to the CarFest, you can get access to quick cash loans. These loans are opted by many people to have a good time with their families.

2. Everybody is welcomed

This festival is not specific to any age group. It has every activity for everybody. Children ranging from four years till old age, it entertains everybody.

Some of the activities include climbing the wall, Reiki, baking workshops, and the Ghostbusters car. All these activities are kept in mind for the grown-ups too.

Other activities can include supercars and formula one. Every activity is to be enjoyed by everybody. Hence, you may get your kids along and have a super fun time as a family together.

3. Exciting things to win

With different activities in the car-fest, you can win many things. There is a big raffle that raises money for children in need.

These raffles and exercises have fantastic prizes for individuals. The individuals can also run their own camps and competitions.

If you are participating in any of the competitions, you can easily win. You can have a gala time with your family and participate in a positive spirit.

4. You can get access to your personal cars

If you are a super fan of a supercar or the ghostbuster Ambulance, you will definitely enjoy this car fest festival with kids.

You can get close to all the cars and have a good experience. In this festival, vehicles are displayed on the paradox, along with racing tracks. You can sit in these cars and enjoy them. Also, there is a section that includes driving some of the cars.

If you like any of the cars, you can get a loan and buy them. There are loans available such as bad credit car loans. These loans will help you to buy your favorite car easily.

If you are a diehard fan of these cars, this festival is for you to go. Do not miss out on this festival with your kids. Kids are bound to enjoy and will also make good memories with their favourite cars.

5. Exclusive breastfeeding tent

If you have small kids, you do not need to worry. There is a breastfeeding tent within the festival. This will help the breastfeeding mothers to take their kids along and take care of them during this festival.

There is no need to sit down anywhere to breastfeed your child. Especially if you have got a chest-thumping one-year-old. This festival is for everybody like mentioned above.

You will have all the facilities for all age groups. There are specific areas for specific activities. As a mother, you should not worry about taking your children to this festival.

6. Free entry for children under 6

One of the important highlights of this festival is that children under 6 are free. You do not need to pay for the tickets for preschoolers or toddlers.

You can take them for free. This is a good reason to get your kids along for this festival. Also, this makes many parents take their children along and make it a kid a friendly festival.


If you are going to this car fest festival, try to keep your kids comfortable. Do not make them uncomfortable footwear.

Since they have to enjoy themselves there, try to make them comfortable footwear. Also, pack up some food for your kids that they like.

Although there are many food stalls at the festival, your kids should like that. If they do not like it, carry your food from home. The festival is not as expensive as it is assumed. You can have a good family outing at this festival.

You Knew About Car-Fest 2022 But You Forgot. Here Is A Reminder

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