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Is it safe to get loans from direct lenders in the UK

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Many of us face a financial crunch at some point or the other. There may be unforeseen situations that require instant cash payments.

It is difficult to predict a car breakdown or an immediate medical condition. At times, there are planned expenditures too, but you cannot fulfil them because of lack of finances. In these times, when a pandemic and people hit the world are becoming unemployed, there is a dire need of cash.

You may want to borrow it from friends or family, but there is an uncertainty of getting the money.  To fulfil your financial needs, many direct lenders and financial institutions provide instant loans.

These lenders also provide personal loans (secured and unsecured), car loans and many more. If you are planning to buy a car but do not have the required finances, you can rely on various direct lenders’ car finance.

Suppose you are planning to borrow money from an external source. In that case, it is vital to know everything about the best source to borrow money from, the pros and cons of borrowing money, repayment terms and the current interest rates in the market.


Direct lender

A direct lender directly lends you money without involving any third party. A direct lender reviews your application, your credit score and all the financials before considering your lending application.

To make an informed and wise decision, the lender considers all your financial data. If he is convinced, he will directly transfer the funds to you without involving any other party.

Considering the above points, a direct lender might seem to be the right choice for you for borrowing, but various lenders are available in the market.

It is essential to be aware of the right kind of lender and then goes ahead with the application process. Many lenders such as supermarket loans, online lenders and car finance options are available in the market.

Getting a loan from a direct lender is an easy process, but an important question to ask from you is “Is it safe to borrow loans from direct lenders?”

Direct business lenders operate as an excellent lending source to finance your car. Due to the increasing number of direct lenders, they are becoming a significant part of the UK’s lending league.


Why opt for direct lenders?

Direct lenders if chosen correctly, can prove to be beneficial for a borrower. To borrow car finance, direct lenders are a good option.

Some of the benefits of borrowing from direct lenders are mentioned below, which can help you address the concern from borrowing a direct lender.

These benefits can help you enjoy working with direct lenders and make your borrowing experience happy and smooth.

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the foremost advantages of borrowing funds from a direct lender. In comparison to banks, direct lenders are far more flexible and adaptable.

A direct lender may understand and customise the best package as per your financial needs. It can be tailor-made and made according to different individuals regarding loan tenure, interest rates, payment terms and the principal amount.

Although credit score is an important point to consider before lending a loan, the lenders may make it as per your need and what may work for you in case of bad credit score.

Unlike other financial institutions, direct lenders are flexible in their approach and offer flexible loan terms depending on the individual to individual. They are more accommodating and flexible in their interest rates as well.

Credit Score is an essential factor in getting a favourable loan. If you have a good credit score, direct lenders tend to favour you regarding interest rate and repayment terms.

Even if you do not have a good credit score, direct lenders still manage to find a way and guide you through the process and make it easier for you.

  1. Easy Documentation

Time is an essential aspect of every business growth. Time is considered to be a necessary asset while filling the loan application as well.

To apply for car finance from a direct lender, you must submit documents and proofs get your loan approved immediately. It is essential to submit your documents without errors or mistakes to ease off your application process. In case of errors, it requires time to correct them and resubmit.

Dealing with direct lenders helps you eliminate the excess of paperwork and requires minimal documentation. It is beneficial to borrow loan from a direct lender in terms of documentation and time involved.

  1. Direct Communication

Since there is no third party involved in direct lenders, it makes it easier for both parties to communicate.

Many individuals prefer removing intermediaries from a loan process to communicate directly with a lender. Since communicating directly is more accessible and transparent.

Also, it makes the delivery of information clear. It becomes easier to clarify any doubts and queries regarding the loan and application process with direct communication.

If you are new to borrowing loan, communicating directly to the lenders can substantially help you. Direct lenders can guide you about the types of car loans and choose the best suitable for you.

  1. Instant cash release

Most banks and financial institutions take longer times to process your loan request. Simultaneously, direct lenders are quicker in their approach to process your loan application and release cash.

Most direct lenders operate on an individual level and online, taking less time to process the transaction. Having less waiting time may prove beneficial for you in terms of spending less time getting your car loan amount.

Time is a valuable asset, and direct lenders understand the importance of it, unlike traditional lenders. Hence, direct lenders operate in an organised manner and act speedily.

Also, they operate online, which makes the loan process quick and easy. They take lesser time to release the money and even understand the importance of loan money for their applicant.

If you have ever applied for a car loan previously, you would be aware of the hassle involved. Due to this, the number of borrowers has declined in the past years. But with the increase in the number of direct lenders, the number of borrowers has also been rising.

  1. Quick loan approval

Many financial institutions and banks are generally hesitant to offer car loans as they involve small amounts and greater hassle.

The returns associated with these small amounts are not worth the risk. However, with the increasing number of direct lenders, the loan approval process has become simple.

They have made borrowing easy and lucrative for small borrowers.


Many people borrow loans whenever they are in need. Before applying for a loan, it is essential to analyse your financials and repayment capacity.

However, it becomes difficult for many people with lesser incomes to get loans, especially car loans.

Due to their low incomes, there are high chances of their application being rejected as traditional lenders take forever to process the application and release the cash.

Unlike traditional lenders, direct lenders do not offer unfavourable loan terms and understand the borrowers’ side. Their loan terms are flexible and borrower-friendly in most of the cases.

Due to the increasing loan options, direct lenders have made it easy for anyone to apply for a loan irrespective of their incomes and repayment capacity.

In the case of meagre incomes, it becomes difficult to process their application. Thankfully, direct lenders work for these types of borrowers and help them get the required car finance.

As mentioned in the above points, they are flexible in time, documentation and interest rates. They also work on the alternatives for the lower class of people and make things work for them.

Therefore, direct lenders can be a boon to a borrower in case of getting car finance. It is crucial to know and be aware of all the information about the loan process and the direct lenders to make an informed decision.

Is it safe to get loans from direct lenders in the UK
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