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Loans For Unemployed

Loans For Unemployed

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Irrespective of your purpose we provide loans that are affordable.

  • No hidden charges
  • Quick Cash deposit
  • Borrow up to £50,000*
  • 100% online application
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What are the Loans for Unemployed? Easier Terms to Understand

Loans for unemployed are the kind of personal loans provided explicitly to individuals with no full-time employment. They are the primarily provided for the shorter duration and with smaller amount as compared to other standard secured loans. The direct lenders in the UK like us usually employ flexible lending terms so that borrowers can avail loans on acceptable norms.

We offer loans for the different classes of jobless individuals, such as:

  • Those, who do not have a regular monthly income;
  • Those who are the single mothers;
  • Those, who are physically disabled with no job in hand;
  • Those, who are as unemployed students

As a responsible lender, we arrange the lending terms and conditions as such that would suit your repayment capacity. As far as repayment is concerned, borrowers have the option of using their part-time income or the benefits that they are receiving.

Why Loans Are Important As I Already Have Benefits?

Availing loans give you the much-needed backup to cope up with the unexpected expenses during the jobless days. You may have government benefits, but they cannot assist you all the time. The significant problem is that some lenders do not accept the loan application of the borrowers just because they are already receiving government grants.

We are not among them. Indeed, we have specialized and personalized loan offers no matter you are receiving benefits or not. Some other unemployed loan advantages that you get from us are:

  • You can use the benefits to repay the loan, as direct lenders are open to accepting them
  • You can make use of government benefits for regular financial activities and keep loans for others
  • Loans can provide you instant financial relief with fewer numbers of obligations these days

Can Unemployed Eligible for Home Credit Service?

Loan Amount Guarantor Eligibility Document Requirement Income Status
Up to £1,000 NO NO NO*
Between £2,000 and £5,000 NO NO Yes
Between £5,000 and £10,000 NO Yes Any One Yes
Between £10,000 and £15,000 Yes* Yes Any two Document Yes
£15,000 Above Yes All Details Yes

Yes, of course. EasyLoanHub favours all the unemployed people in the UK with doorstep lending services. Before going on the simplest procedure to avail the service, we would like to inform you that we have experienced and qualified loan experts. They are professionals to guide you during the loan process at your home and provide the best offers to suit to your circumstances.

Do you want to apply now? Follow these steps

  • You need to approach us via email
  • We will send our representative to your home
  • Discuss your priorities with him and complete the process

Remember, you will be handed over the needed cash (that you have mentioned in your email) on the spot.

Unemployment is the biggest curse that dismantles all the balance of your financial life. EasyLoanHub, a FinTech lender in the UK, offers the personalised deals in small loans for unemployed people.

You must be wondering why a lender will lend money when you are out of work? Of course, it does not mean that you will get money when you have zero income. You can take out unemployed loans if you prove your repayment capacity by showing any other income source such as a part-time job or freelancing.

Being unemployed is very tough to live, and we understand all the compulsions that you are facing now. It is the reason why we have framed the bespoke deals on the emergency cash loans for unemployed, which one can avail on easy terms and conditions. Do not hesitate to familiarise us with all your problems, and we vow to solve them by keeping your interests on priority. These are the features that enough to attract your finances:

  • Simple application
  • Instant approval
  • Quick transfer of funds

Not all lenders approve Payday loans for the unemployed, but we understand that you can come up an emergency even if you are out of work. At EasyLoanHub, we have been working for the financial benefits of the jobless Britons and for the problem of unemployment for quite long, and this has given us the edge on these types of loans.

We understand the tough conditions in the post unemployment scenarios. The sole purpose behind offering short-term finance for jobless people is to ensure enriching lives and greater financial freedom for them.

Don’t Depend On Others, Apply for Bad Credit Guaranteed Loans Directly

Unemployment does not only affect you financially, but it also devalues your financial status. As everyone knows that applying for the loans does require a guarantor to co-sign the loan agreement, who can guarantee on-time repayment on behalf of the primary borrower. When unemployed struggles to find out the guarantor, then it becomes a lot tougher for them to get approval for the loans. EasyLoanHub is indeed a different place to apply for the loans.


Apply here the loans for unemployed with bad credit no guarantor and see the difference in the lending policies. We are the modern age lender and always committed to offer the best financial assistance in the best financial way. You do not have to rely on others; instead, apply directly for the loans and receive instant loan approval.

The exemption of no guarantor is also applicable for the unemployed people with bad credit score. They too face the tricky situation because no one wants to believe those, who have lost the job and also struggling with Poor credit situation. But we definitely trust their financial capacity and allow loans without guarantor unemployed claim.

Here are some other benefits that we have brought with these unemployed loans:

Discount for first-time borrowers:

We welcome everyone to come and avail our loan services. The jobless people, who are applying for the first time for loans, can expect extra discount in the interest rates. This is despite soft credit check that we do on their profiles.

Doorstep Services for physically handicapped people:

The disabled persons, who have lost their job, can opt for our cash-at-the-door service. Our agent will come to their home and help them to complete the procedure. Same person will come for collecting the repayment too.

Dedicated Financial Guidance:

This makes our services quite different from other direct lenders in the UK. We give you free financial advice along with the loan deals. Our experienced loan experts help you to choose the right offer according to your capacity and condition.

How Can Loans for Unemployed Improve My Credit Ratings?

  • It is confirmed that we offer unemployed loans for bad credit people with the same online procedure and almost the same features. But we are providing other significant benefits to these individuals.
  • We have the flexible repayment terms where the borrowers have the choice of choosing their own plan to repay easily.
  • We offer the automatic deduction option that ensures no repayments to miss or a balanced personal financial life.

Both these benefits create the chance of improving the credit scores. First, the repayment term has been chosen by you and second, you will not miss the repayment with automatic deduction open. Make full use of these benefits and enhance the credit rating.

What we promise

  • Online Loan Application
  • No Documentation
  • Guaranteed Loan Approval
  • Instant Fund Transfer
  • No Guarantor Required
  • No Hidden Fees

What Makes EasyLoanHub the Preferred Lending Choice?

We always feel proud to assist you in the most difficult time of your life, i.e. financial emergency. We have a bunch of loan products which are accessible despite the bad credit score or the unemployment situation.

Since our inception, we have been successful in satisfying the borrowers’ needs and their financial desires. These unemployed loans are the perfect glimpse of what we provide and what we dedicated to.

  • We take care of your personal details
  • No broker is required to approach us
  • Nothing to worry about the loan rejection
  • Everything is the same from the start till end
  • Fee-free advice from our financial experts

Thinking too much can delay your financial progress. Opt for our loans for unemployed now and keep cash flowing to your bank account.


How can I get an instant payday loan with bad credit?

At Loan-Store, we understand that not all borrowers have a perfect credit history. Even if you have a poor credit score you can apply for our instant payday loan. We will provide you instant decision regardless of your credit record and score and if approved, we will provide you a loan offer instantly directly to your bank account.

What are instant cash loans?

Instant cash loans are the part of short term loans that are mostly applied during the financial emergency. Quick loans, doorstep loans, small loans and fast loans can be described as their synonyms. Some of the best loan features are:

  • Immediate approval on loan application
  • No credit check
  • No strict obligations like collateral and guarantor
  • No processing fees or upfront charges

Apart from these features, one thing that borrowers should remember is that instant cash loans may attract high interest rates. Therefore, one should apply for them during the urgent expenses.