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Monthly Installment Loans

Monthly Installment Loans

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What is a Monthly installment loan?

Monthly installment loans are another class of personal loans. People usually avail them when they feel a financial gap during large purchases. Borrowers can apply for the loan and receive the lump sum amount to their bank account. The repayments should be made periodically as the monthly instalments, and that would create the chance of improving the credit score as well.

EasyLoanHub offers the monthly installment loans on borrower-friendly norms, and all the deals are available for everyone. Whatever your credit score is, we bring the loans for you to ensure peace of mind in your financial life.

Monthly Installment Loan Process

How do Monthly Installment Loans Work?

There is nothing complicated from our end when you are going to apply for the monthly installment loans. The process works as follows:

  • The borrower sends his application by filling an online form by mentioning the loan purpose;
  • Other details are required as borrowed amount, payment schedule and loan term;
  • If approved, the fund disbursal takes place on the same day;
  • The loan receivers repay the loan monthly until the life of the loan.

Can I Apply for Monthly Instalment Loans with Just Bad Credit Score?

We accept the loan applications of every individual irrespective of the credit score. Therefore, we also approve the loans of those who have just entered their names in the list of bad credit people.

They may have borderline credit scores, but they still get rejections from the conventional lenders. On the other hand, the modern-age lenders like EasyLoanHub always come up with something unique for these borrowers. We approve the applications based on income status rather than on their past credit performance.

Here are a few tips to recommend:-

  • With borderline credit score, it seems you are about to improve in your credit record
  • Our flexible repayment terms make it easier for you to manage the loan instalment from your monthly income;
  • The interest rates may be higher but will be reasonable to everyone’s pocket;
  • Do not borrow more than your repayment capacity, as it may harm your credit score;
  • We give you the option of joint monthly installment loans where you can get lower interest rates if your partner has a good credit rating.

I want installment loans from direct lender. What benefits I will get?

Installment loans are nothing about the beneficial or not, but it largely depends upon your current financial situation and skills too.

As among the effective borrowing options, these loans bring the following benefits if apply from the direct lender:


It is the significant benefit of installment loans. The borrowers get the flexible loan term to choose, and they get the liberty to determine the amount as well.

Lower interest rates:

As compared to other credit options, these loans give the advantage of lower interest rates or according to the borrowers’ latest financial scenario.

A balanced financial life:

More importantly, you will have a much more balanced financial life. You only have to take out a small part of monthly instalments from your monthly income. Other remaining amount can be spending on regular expenses.

How I get faster approval on installment loans From Direct Lender?

For faster approval you always need to play smart in personal finances. The higher chances of approval always depend on how flawless the financial transactions are and most important how well the recent finances are. As a direct lender we also consider the poor credit applicants if their recent financial situation is stable. It is the reason that most of the applicants that look for the installment loans for bad credit apply to direct lenders only. With several conditions you can expect a faster approval.

  • You should try hard to keep current income on stable platform with ideal income-outgoing ratio of 60:40 or 70:30.
  • Provide ample financial information in the application form as it helps us approve you faster.
  • You should not have multiple obligations because that restricts your creditworthiness.

We are prepared to be your financial support. Just give us a chance.

You are already at EasyLoanHub and it means you are already at the right place to seek for installment loans for bad credit from direct lenders only. . We follow the FinTech lending where everyone has the benefit of easy online approval plus with flexible terms and conditions.

Many lenders may not consider this sort of loan as they find any reason to disapprove your application. On the other hand, EasyLoanHub has the highest approval and sanction rate in the lending market. Hence, you can be rest assured that your application won't get rejected even if you have low credit scores. You just have to follow these steps to apply:

  • Come online and visit our website
  • Fill a simple online form with mandatory details
  • Once filled, click on to ‘submit’ button
  • Get instant revert from our representative
  • Approval comes on within a few hours

Your adverse credit profile does not stop us to approve your loan application because we trust on your words of mouth that you will make the repayments on time. Do not think too much about the lending norms, as we vouch that they will be according to your prevailing circumstances. It is the reason why we are the most reliable EasyLoanHub for the people with low credit scores.

How Can I Sure of Getting Bad Credit Installment Loans with no Hassle?

EasyLoanHub brings to you financial freedom and the power to remain stable. We are offering you the freedom that you ever needed. We have bad credit installment loans offered under exclusive and selective deals. Buying the 6/12 month loans and repaying it as per your convenience had never been an easy and simple task, than it is now. You can apply for the loans online through our secured system and save on the deals.

Given below are the highlights of our bespoke lending terms especially for the people with bad credit scores:-

  • If your recent credit performance is satisfactory where you are making payments on time, we can consider your loan request with no credit check;
  • Competitive interest rates are for sure despite the fact that your past credit is not up to the mark. It is because approval is provided on the borrowers’ income basis;
  • Our financial experts are always there to offer you the fee-free advice so that you can improve your credit file and grab more chances of loan approval;
  • We do not charge any pre-payment charges and can consider your request if you want to make late repayment in a month;
  • We have an option of automatic deduction that you can choose not to miss any loan repayment.

Installment Loans To Correct Your Poor Credit Situation

If you intend to beat the poor credit situation and want to take corrective methodologies, EasyLoanHub will help you with it. We have a wide series of poor credit loans that will bring relevant solutions for you. You now have the personal loans for unemployed people available to repay easily in 12 months time and improve your credit ratings. Don't let your financial situation stall. The financial advisers at EasyLoanHub will prevent you from stalling and give it a balancing effect.

12 Month Loans for Bad Credit from Responsible Direct Lender

Your hunt for a reliable lender will end at EasyLoanHub. You can trust us to get 6 month and 12 month instalment loans. We are the dependable direct lenders in the UK and finalise lending terms only after analysing the borrowers’ current financial situation. We do not charge any hidden fees to avail our loans for bad credit. Our interest rates and repayment plans are according to the financial capacity of the borrowers.

If you are looking for the 12 month loans with no credit check from direct lenders, EasyLoanHub follows an unbiased lending service and is committed to provide equal opportunities to the borrowers. Irrespective of their credit histories, these loans certainly help them build a credit score, which is always beneficial under the prevailing circumstances.

Get substantial financial relief and avail the best offers available on the loans despite poor credit and absolutely with no need of the guarantor. EasyLoanHub is the right place where all your financial aspirations are fulfilled.

What we promise

  • Online Loan Application
  • No Documentation
  • Guaranteed Loan Approval
  • Instant Fund Transfer
  • No Guarantor Required
  • No Hidden Fees


What is a direct instalment loan?

Direct instalment loans are those lending product where the lender directly sends the amount to the borrower’s bank account. Once received the borrowed sum, you have to payback it in the form of monthly instalment till the last month of the loan. Some of the vital benefits of these loans are:

  • You can improve your bad credit history.
  • They are much more manageable than other short-term loans.
  • You can fund your big expenses.

It is a loan repaid over the time with a set number of scheduled payments. Instalment loans usually allow you to repay within three to 12 months.

What is a personal instalment loan?

A personal instalment loan is another form of personal funding where the fixed repayments are applicable for a specific period. This loan can be applied from one month to 36 months, depending upon the need of the borrowers.

Borrowers can avail these personal instalment loans through either secured or unsecured form. In secured, they can fetch a large amount with providing collateral is a must. In an unsecured instalment loan, there is no need to pledge any asset, but borrowers should have an active income status.

What is considered as an instalment loan?

Instalment loan is another form of personal loan in which the borrowers borrow funds up to a certain time limit like from 3 months to 36 months. Another vital feature of this loan is that borrowers have to make the repayments, which usually fixed in nature. In fact, repayments are their main advantage because borrowers can easily manage them from their monthly income.

Not only for personal loans, but also for business expenses you can apply for instalment loan.

How do I qualify for an instalment loan?

The first thing you need to have to qualify for an instalment loan is a good credit history, but do not worry if your credit score is less-than-perfect. You have to fulfil given below conditions to qualify:-

  • You should have a full-time job. If you are self-employed, you need to submit your balance sheet and profit and loss statement.
  • You should not be bankrupt, nor should a CCJ show up on your credit report.

You can apply for instalment loans for any purpose. These loans will also help you boost your credit score.

Can I Apply for Small Instalment Loans with Bad Credit?

In the era of modern-day lending, availing a loan does not seem any difficulty for the borrowers with poor credit score. Same thing applies to small instalment loans, as they can be applied with bad credit scores. In such conditions, lenders expect borrowers to fulfil either of these or both of these conditions:

  • Borrowers must have an income source to show the capability of making repayments
  • They can arrange a guarantor with good credit history to guarantee the loan repayments

Which is better payday loan or instalment loan?

Both the loans have their own significance. Actually, the main difference between them lies in the borrowers’ need. For example, suppose if someone requires money on an instant basis, then in this sense, availing payday loans are the better option. On the other hand, instalment loan works best when someone needs a financial backup to purchase a new car or a new home.

There is a similarity too between these loans is that people with bad credit scores can easily apply because of no credit check policy.

Do instalment loans hurt your credit score?

The answer is in Yes and No both. The instalment loans can hurt your credit score if you do not make the repayments on time. It will have direct impact to your credit profile where you may not get the loan approval. Alternatively, if they agree to offer loans, then they will charge a high-interest rate.

Apart from this situation, the instalment loans won’t hurt your credit score because repayment can easily be managed from the monthly income. You can repay on a fixed date and in fact, it will improve your credit score.

Are instalment loans better than credit cards?

There are many pointers about why applying for instalment loans are better than using credit cards. These are:

  • Instalment loans can help you for a longer duration, whereas credit cards can relieve you only during the most urgent expense.
  • The interest rates can be variable in the instalment loans. On the other hand, credit cards have mostly fixed interest rates.
  • Credit cards can harm your credit score if you do not pay the bill on time. The instalment loans create the opportunity to improve the credit profile.
Where can I get an installment loan with bad credit?

You can get an instalment loan with bad credit from direct lenders. There are many online lenders like EasyLoanHub in the UK who provide instalment loans for borrowers with a poor credit score. While instalment loan is very common these days, not all have a good credit score to avail it. Good credit makes it easier for borrowers to get the loan with comparatively lower interest rate. But if you have a bad credit score then you may end up paying a higher rate of interest.

How can I get an installment loan with having bad credit?

Yes, you can get an instalment loan with bad credit but with strong repayment capacity as the prime condition. The lender also pays attention to your recent financial behaviour with the payment history thus; it is advisable to make timely payments. Also, you need to apply to a lender that offers loan choices for poor credit applicants otherwise rejection may happen.

Is there any provision on Monthly Instalment Loans with No Credit Check?

Yes, you can always get instalment loans with no credit check process. These loans are of short-term nature and borrowing them online lands you on the FinTech platform, which follows the logic of current income status. The facility of no credit score perusal is especially given to the applicants with no credit history or poor credit history.

What is the difference between a personal loan and an instalment loan?

A personal loan is the umbrella term and an instalment loan falls under its bracket.

Personal loans are loans taken in lump sum to pay for the personal needs of the borrower. These loans can be taken to

  • Buy a gadget
  • Pay for home renovations
  • Pay for outstanding hospital needs, amongst other things.

On the other hand, installment loans are more specified lending options. Borrower avails loans for a particular term and payback in the form of monthly installments.

Which is a better payday loan or instalment loan?

Both the loans have their significance. The payday loan is advantageous during the financial emergency. You can make the repayments on your next payday and thus, there is hardly any chance of missing the repayments.

The instalment loan serves well as the financial backup to your personal or business needs. It is too good to improve your credit score.

Can I Get Monthly Instalment Loans with No Credit Check?

Well, it can be a possibility but may be rare in the marketplace. You cannot expect such exemption from the traditional lenders. Therefore, you need to approach private lenders as they prefer no credit check policy even it is related to monthly instalment loans. However, you should keep your repayment sources strong to convince the lender.