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Unsecured-loans-bad-credit Loan

Unsecured-loans-bad-credit Loan

How Much You Want to Borrow

£ 10000

Top Reasons to Choose EasyLoanHub

Irrespective of your purpose we provide loans that are affordable.

  • Borrow up to £50,000
  • Instant approval decision
  • Flexible repayment plans
  • No upfront fee
  • No prepayment penalty
  • No late payment fee
  • Customized deals
  • Credit score unaffected
  • Improve credit score

Unsecured Loans Bad Credit

With a bad credit situation, it can be difficult to handle a financial crisis. If you do not have the funds, taking a loan becomes necessary sometimes. In such conditions, only specialised financial solutions can help. The unsecured loans for bad credit are the expert savioursthat offer funds when you need them. The loans come with no collateral or guarantor obligation, which makes it easier for you to obtain funds. Their online presence through direct lending makes them even more convenient to attain. EasyLoanHub, a direct lender can serve you 24x7 and on all days irrespective of holidays. We are available 365 days irrespective of festivals with our instant approval decision policy.


Credit Problems We Ignore

EasyLoanHub deals in a vast area of bad credit score people and people with varied incidents of poor credit are among our beneficiaries.

  • Defaults, CCJs and Arrears
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement (Completed)
  • Fulfilled debt management plan
  • Bankruptcy

We just want that whatever condition you have, there should be progress in your approach towards the solution. For example – if we see that you are moving fast towards the IVA settlement with creditors, we can approve your funds.

What Do I Need To Get Unsecured Loans For Bad Credit?

You need to have certain financial conditions to get the funds. Loan approval depends on certain circumstances that we want to see in your personal finances.

  • A salary/income proof of the last 9 months.
  • Keep a flawless recent financial behaviour with timely bill payments
  • No job change in the last 9 months, if possible 1 year. (Job stability concern)
  • It is advisable to present an additional income (rental, income from freelance/part-time etc.)
  • Stay at the same address for a long time before you apply because they too affect the approval chances

These are the basic requirements which are certainly not difficult to fulfil. Keep your personal finances organised, and do not repeat past mistakes. You can always get instant approval on unsecured loans for bad credit with no guarantor with these conditions. Through timely repayments, your credit score improves with time and brighten the financial future.

What we promise

  • Online Loan Application
  • No Documentation
  • Guaranteed Loan Approval
  • Instant Fund Transfer
  • No Guarantor Required
  • No Hidden Fees

How Much Can I Borrow In Unsecured Bad Credit Loans?

The minimum and maximum limit to borrow funds is –

Minimum is £1000 ………..Maximum is £50,000

From least to last limit, you can borrow any amount if your financial conditions fulfil the basic requirements that we need. We aim to offer you the maximum possible according to your creditworthiness. If you are improving in your personal finances and not repeating the past mistakes, it is possible to approve you a larger amount. Last decision depends on your creditworthiness which we calculate throughloan calculator.

We Also Offer Soft Credit Check

With us, you can borrow money without any impact of a credit check through soft search. This type of search does your identity search and leaves no mark on financial record. The other finance companies do not know about our search. The simplified term for a soft credit check is no credit check, but the latter term does not exist in its literal form, as there is nothing like no credit check. Basic scrutiny is required to approve a loan, and thusunsecured loan with no credit check is basically about soft credit search.

Purposes You Can Use Unsecured Bad Credit Loans For

The loans can be used for many financial purposes because there is no constraint on what is the reason for the borrower for borrowing funds –

  • House repair
  • Debt consolidation
  • Emergency expenses
  • Health/medical bills
  • Move to another place/city
  • Educational expenses
  • Wedding expenses Etc.

You think of any financial need, and unsecured loans for bad credit can prove their significance. It is like you make a wish and make it happen with the smooth and speedy unsecured poor credit loans on instant decision.

Why Should I Rely On Direct Lenders And Not Mainstream Lending Or Other Choices?

You know how convenient the online methods of obtaining products and services are. Direct lending offers you the same convenience. Things get done faster and smoothly. Here is a comparison between the varied borrowing options to help you offer a clear insight. The final decision is on your discretion. EasyLoanHub believes in not only offering funds but also in educating its customers on what can be best for them?

Direct Lending Mainstream Banks Peer-to-peer lending
100% paperless procedure Documentation with a physical presence Less popular than direct and mainstream lending.
Lower rate of interest Low rate but not as low as direct lenders High-interest rate
Small monthly instalments Not too small not too big instalments Hefty instalments
No rejection if current income status is good Rejection may happen due to strict bank rules Rejection happens seldom, normally funds are easier to apply

Why Choose EasyLoanHub?

EasyLoanHub has the best borrowing experience to provide, but we also respect your right to choose the desired option. Here are our prime features to help make an easy choice.

  • Flexible lending policy
  • Small online service
  • Secured information
  • 4.5 start rating
  • No broker required
  • Fund disbursal in 24 hours
  • Presence all across the UK

EasyLoanHub has only one aim – Provide uncompromised loan solutions to the fund seekers. To fulfil this aim, we leave no possibility unexplored. When you come with a credit score issue, we customize our bad credit unsecured loans with no guarantor to offer you money with ease. Our satisfied customers tell that we are doing good and for coming months we are sure to extend that satisfaction to you. Apply now, and we are ready with a suitable solution.


What is an unsecured loan?

An unsecured loan is a financial solution that offers funds to people for short-term needs without any collateral and guarantor. This loan is available irrespective of credit score status. You can obtain this loan online through the paperless process if you have a good current income.

Can you get an unsecured personal loan with a credit score of 550?

Yes, you can get a loan despite a credit score of 550. Not all but few lenders with unsecured bad credit loans offer funds on this credit score. EasyLoanHub is one among them. If you have job stability and a good monthly income, you can get funds. Current financial behaviour is significant, make timely payments, and you can borrow money easily.

How do I get an unsecured loan with bad credit?

With a disciplined financial behaviour and timely payments of bills and other debts, you can get an unsecured loan with bad credit. Your past 6 months of salary details and payment record is extremely important. Make sure you make no mistake on that part before applying for the funds.