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Borrower-Friendly Unsecured Personal Loans in the UK

Do you want a better financial balance in your life? Obviously, you do, but how? Why you go here and there to have some financial help? EasyLoanHub brings all the comfort and convenience to you while chasing financial prosperity in your life

We are the responsible direct lender in the UK, offering loans for every class of borrower, irrespective of their credit histories.

If you want to compare personal loans, we encourage you to do so, and it is a good practice. However, you will get personal interest rates, which are affordable to your financial capacity.


Why Unsecured Personal Loans from Us?

There is no doubt that unsecured loans are the most demanded form of personal loans. The most significant benefit under this category is the freedom to apply for loans without pledging anything else. Unlike secured loans, you are going to avail yourself a risk-free borrowing and get the approval entirely upon your monthly income.

  • If you are going through a financial emergency, apply for these loans;
  • If you desire to purchase any gadget, apply for these loans;
  • f you want extra funding for your upcoming holidays, apply for these loans; and
  • If you wish to have a major home renovation, apply for these loans.

Your financial purposes can be anything, and we do not ask for it. Instead, we are prepared to offer you any purpose loans.

We do not want to compare us with anyone because our primary aim is to assist you financially at the right time.

At EasyLoanHub, we have a long series of personal loans favouring people in their financially tricky times. You will have a peace of mind with no hassle at all.

Unsecured Personal Loans for Bad Credit Only for You

At EasyLoanHub, we do not set the lending norms based on your credit score. Our loan deals are available for every credit score including those with bad credit and very poor credit scores.

We are the new-age lender and committed to assisting at every part despite your credit history is on the blemished side or entered in the bad score list. When your application has turned down by the traditional lender, we are ready to approve your loan on the criteria of your income status.

Our unsecured personal loans for poor credit have features like competitive interest rates and flexible repayment plans.

FLEXIBILITY is the core advantage that makes us different from others. We do a relaxed credit check that allows a smooth loan approval despite past credit errors.


We first analyse your financial capacity, current circumstances and capability of your income. We approve your bad credit loans based on your affordability, not on the past credit.

Moreover, flexible repayments allow you to improve credit scores and open up more borrowing opportunities in the future.

Unsecured Personal Loans On Maximum Amount

Do you want to apply for unsecured loans in the UK to pay the university’s fees? Are you feeling disturbed with one or two unexpected bills? There is nothing to worry about because you can have the opportunity to get unsecured personal loans on the maximum amount


Your affordability:

As we are the dependable private lender in the UK, we do not want you to borrow funds beyond your capacity to repay. Besides, we also do not encourage you to use your savings for repaying the loan. You should borrow what you can later afford.


Your actual financial needs:

As we show responsibility in providing you with an affordable personal loan deal, you should also show responsibility by not borrowing more than your actual needs. Applying for the loans should only be done when you have no other option.


Your recent financial commitments:

Yes, we are interested to know your current financial commitments rather than what you have done in the past. If your credit score shows improvement and you are paying your bills on time, then we do not mind giving you guaranteed loan acceptance.

Unsecured Personal Loans With No Proof Of Income? Yes, It Is!

Many lenders surprise the borrowers by charging upfront charges or a hefty processing amount. On the other hand, we surprise our borrowers by bringing friendly loan features. One of them is that you can apply for the best personal loans with no proof of income.You do not need to worry when no income proof is there to verify. We cannot tell about other lenders, but we are ready to accept your unsecured loan application.

Here are the ways to get to this facility without any hassle:-

  • As we are the dependable private, Keep your credit score on the upper side by repaying the debts, bills or other expenses on time;

  • If you are living on benefits, then you can show the proofs of those benefits instead of the income’s ones;

  • You can bring a guarantor with better credit history because the lender can feel at low risk with the guarantor’s assurance of repayment.

Before applying, we do not hesitate to tell you that these funding arrangements will have higher interest rates. Still, we will try hard to offer you loans on affordability and suitable to your pocket.


Some special features of our unsecured personal loans

At every point of borrowing experience, we try to offer your ease through some of the special features attached to our loan products. Irrespective of credit score status we back every deal with the same features. You have every right here to avail the benefits of applying for unsecured personal loans either with good or bad credit score. We know you apply for the funds for some significant reason and thus we want to make the loan procedure rational and back it with multiple traits. Your search for a suitable lender can rest here, as with the experience of years in industry we can spot what a borrower needs.

  • Change repayment plan during tenure The borrowers who struggle with any sort of financial crisis and find it difficult to follow the current repayment plan can contact us. We can always change the schedule to make it suitable to your current financial conditions. It is important for the borrower to inform us at the right time because then only we can provide the practical and timely solution.
  • Borrow more within first 6 months This feature is especially for the borrowers who keep a great repayment history with us. After the first six months of borrowing funds, they can borrow more amount. The final amount depends again on the affordability factor. We have helped many people with such feature and they are contented with them too. Just make sure you repayment record is good with us.
  • 24x7 dedicated relationship managers We understand the urgency of your financial conditions and also know that money related decisions can happen anytime. You can call us day, evening, night, late night, our team of dedicated relationship managers is always there. They always attend when required to offer the immediate solution at the right time. We are available any day, anytime you want.

Unsecured Personal Loans Over 10 Years

We have been responsible enough to be committed on bringing such loan deals, which can do something for your finances. As part of our commitment, we are offering unsecured personal loans for bad credit over 10 years under specific circumstances.

This feature is also applicable for those with self employed individuals, who want to earn independently. We want to help them with granting sufficient funding required for self-employment. However, they will have to prove that they have left their full-time job because they want to be self-employed.

The application procedure will be online and quick approval is always a possibility. The amount can also increase than the standard unsecured loans, but the guarantor's presence may be required.

Advantages Of Unsecured Personal Loans

Getting the unsecured loans in the UK is not a big deal. However, you have to get the helping hand from a responsible and trustworthy direct lender like us.

Easy Loan Hub vouches for ensuring such a reliable lending hub where you can borrow funds without any doubt and obstacle. Unsecured personal loans are available on multiple benefits, which come beyond the borrowers’ credit scores. These are:-

  • Instant Loan Approval:

    Despite not pledging an asset, you have every chance of getting the loan approval on almost full guarantee. It means you get the approval straightway even on the same day of application submitted by you.

  • No Risk of Losing Assets:

    Unsecured personal loans do not involve risk of losing the assets because there is no need of pledging it. In addition, you will have an extra benefit of getting funds instantly with not much obligations to chase.

  • Flexible Lending Terms:

    Many people ask why you should apply from direct lenders. Applying a loan from us allows you to get the interest rates and repayment terms according to your affordability. You have minimum chance of loan repayments.

  • Best Option during Financial Emergency:

    Financial emergencies have become a part of life. We have the solution for these circumstances too by offering short-term loans like instant cash loan or unsecured personal loans.

  • Lending doors open for adverse credit scores:

    Our personal loans in the UK are available even for those with adverse credit scores or those having CCJ against their names. Approval comes on their loan affordability.

Unsecured Personal Loans On Income Only

Easy Loan Hub is a follower of modern-age online lending. We set an objective for ourselves to keep the lending simple and straightforward.

It is the reason why our loan criterion is only your monthly income and affordability. It means you do not need to pledge any asset, no restriction of bad credit score and no obligation of bringing a guarantor.

We like to analyse your income capacity and then approve the loan application on your affordability.

When it comes to income, you have an extra advantage. What is it? Indeed, you are curious to know the advantage, we tell you.

We have lending products also on unsecured loans for unemployed people. Yes, there is no worry, even if you do not have a full-time income. We have made specific arrangements like:-


Part-Time Income

We can consider your part-time income if you are not doing a full-time job. However, it should be a minimum of £400 and have the capacity of managing monthly instalment.


Living on Benefits

In the UK marketplace, many lenders do not approve the loan applications of those living on benefits. At Easy Loan Hub, we can approve your loan applications despite living on benefits. The application procedure will remain online.


Pursuing Education

Students often have the difficult of owing to their full-time income when they apply for loans. We are flexible for them, too and consider their loan applications based on their side income.

These arrangements reveal that Easy Loan Hub is an ideal and reliable direct lender in the UK, offering unsecured personal loans onflexible lending and feasible norms.

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