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No Guarantor Loans to Nullify Your Financial Stress

The requirement of money is a recurring incident, and you feel the need for financial assistance. Your savings play that role most of the times, but sometimes you are out of funds and taking a loan becomes the last resort. In this scenario, applying for no guarantor loans is vital to get the desired amount of money in quick time. You can fulfil any urgent funding need with these loans, as these are specialised funding products for those emergencies. At EasyLoanHub, you have simple and straightforward online application process. It will not take a lot of time rather bring approval on the same day.

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No Guarantor Loans

How do No Guarantor Loans Work?

The loans with no guarantor are short-term borrowing options with a small loan amount limit for the little financial needs. Some basic traits of these loans can explain to you better how they work.

  • The loans are available online through a simple three-step process.

    • Apply
    • Get approval decision
    • Receive funds
  • Loans come on an instant decision and that is why these are fast loans with no guarantor.
  • Once your application gets our approval, we do an instant online bank transfer. You can use the funds for any objective but follow the repayment schedule sincerely.
  • The instalments go through auto-debit because we want to make sure the timely attainment of repayments

Features of Loans without Guarantor

The no guarantor loans in the UK have more or less the same features. No matter where in the UK you apply, the generic features are always the same. The only difference occurs on that part of lending terms and conditions.

3 months to 36 months

  • Higher approval rate

    As we mentioned, the loans without the guarantor obligations are designed for little, instant financial needs. They get approved easily. EasyLoanHub has a higher approval rate of 99% in the market. Even during the pandemic and lockdown conditions, 98% of the applicants get approval.

  • Instant approval decision

    Everything should be on immediate basis. It is what every borrower wants and we fulfil exactly the same. Our no guarantor loans bring the approval on the same day. We hardly take 5 to 10 minutes to nod on your loan application so that you can quickly get rid of your financial mess.

  • No affected by credit score status

    We allow funding to your needs based on your current repayment capability. We do this in place of your past credit errors. If you have a poor rating, you can apply to us. In fact, we facilitate a soft check that leaves no footprint. To get these loans, you can apply to us through the bad credit loans with no guarantor and no credit check.

  • Customisation to offer inexpensive EasyLoanHub

    No one wants to get an expensive loan for a temporary need of money. We are among those very few direct lenders in the UK offering loans on competitive interest rates. It assists you in getting funds with no extra burden and keeps the monthly instalments affordable from the income.

  • No upfront or hidden fee

    It is not fair to charge an upfront fee from the borrowers as decides by the regulatory authorities, and we follow the same. If you are looking for loans with no guarantor and no fees by the direct lender, we are the correct address. This facility is available for people with low credit score too.

These features will make you satisfied from our lending service. It also helps you in getting familiar with us more so that you can approach us again whenever you feel financially insecure.

What Do I Need to Provide to Get a Loan without Guarantor?

Not much, actually, only a few financial details are required to check your financial calibre against a loan amount. With the basic formalities, you can get through the process.

  • Income proof of last 6 months. The income should be consistent
  • Bank statement of last 6 months in which you receive income
  • Registration in the electoral roll with the latest address
  • Income continuity proof if you are on furloughed income

I Am an Unemployed Living On Benefits – Can I Apply?

This doubt is common in most of our unemployed customers. But we have good news to offer: YES, you can apply for the loans despite no job. You need to follow certain conditions, and then the attainment of funds is not impossible.

  • We already mentioned that the current repaying capacity of the fund seeker is the most important concern for us.
  • You need to present any sort of income source, but that should be regular. Inconsistent income cannot prove creditworthiness.
  • We even offer loans for unemployed with bad credit and no guarantor on benefits if you can pay back instalments on time.

Note – Not only unemployment benefits, but we at EasyLoanHub, accept applicants with any government benefits. The eligibility will always depend on the applicant's current circumstances because living on benefits brings varied financial conditions.

What Are The Possibilities For Very Bad Credit People?

To be precise and honest, the possibilities for any applicant primarily depend on his or her personal financial conditions. The condition of the strong repaying capacity is still the same.

No guarantor loans are useful in following financial activities:

  • Home improvement
  • Wedding expenses
  • Any sort of purchase

Do you really think you can pay back our instalments at the decided time? If yes, then you can apply to us through the very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker required qualifying for funds. However, the borrower can bring a guarantor if the fee to compensate for his financial weakness on the part of creditworthiness.

Proof of income may get you approval on very bad credit or CCJ loans with no guarantor. We take the final decision on individual capacity as no guarantor is involved. To suggest you something, if you are working well on the debt settlement plans, the chances of approval are higher. We will need the legal proof while having a look at the legal settlement documents or proof.

What about the Late Payment Penalty?

At EasyLoanHub, the late payment penalty is flexible, and unlike the stubborn lenders who are always desperate to apply penalties, we give time. There is no late payment penalty up to three late instalments. We understand how tough things have become after the pandemic conditions, and for that, a bit of flexibility should be given to the borrowers.

Why EasyLoanHub for No Guarantor Loans?

We try to be the best choice for our borrowers, and for that, we keep enhancing our lending policies with the features. The evident aim is to create a friendly atmosphere for fund seekers. Have a look because your discretion is important.

  • Best competitive rates in the market
  • Change repayment schedule anytime
  • Simple and transparent procedure
  • Personalised pricing on all deals at EasyLoanHub
  • Uncompromised customer assistance
  • Personal relationship manager

EasyLoanHub keeps the focus on the balance between the needs of the borrower and our lending rules. While keeping the rational approach, we try to act plausibly. As far as we know, things are going well because of the countless satisfied customers, and their high rating for our services help us understand our performance. With 24x7 and 365 days of presence, borrowers can borrow money instantly.