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You cannot be sure enough to maintain financial prosperity for a longer duration. Still, you can at least plan for the long-term financial goals.

It is good that you are planning for your future, but what would be the source on which you can guarantee yourself? Are you 100% sure to be employed all the time?

The reality is that you cannot be 100% sure of longer financial affluence. Fortunately, long-term loans in the UK can be the source, which can be part of your financial planning.

Long Term Loan Process

EasyLoanHub, a responsible private lender in the UK, offers long term loans online with no hassle at all. Wherever you are living, you can approach us anytime and anywhere to get the loans on following features:-

  • You have to fill an online application form with mentioned true personal details;
  • If approved, you can get the approval on the same business day;
  • The interest rates are lower and competitive in the market;
  • Manageable monthly instalments for a specific period;
  • We provide loans for both home-owners and tenants

We are committed to offering long-term loans on the borrower's affordability to repay the amount without disturbing their savings and overall finance.


When you are applying for the long term loans from direct lenders, you want to get significant benefits to fulfil the financial desires and needs.

We are committed enough in helping you in achieving your financial goals. Therefore, we offer loans on several benefits:-

Low Annual Percentage Rates

This is perhaps the most important advantage of long term loans. It is very unlike small-term loans. It becomes possible because you have pledged the borrowed amount or provided a guarantor to repay the loans on time.

Lenders feel lesser risk in these loans because they can possess the asset if the borrower defaults.

Relaxed Credit Check

With the pledged loans, we are committed to approving the loan applications with a soft credit check. It is a significant relief for those looking for long term loans with no credit check.

Most lenders prefer a hard credit check, but it leaves search footprints on your credit profile. We understand this and approve loan applications with a relaxed credit perusal of the borrower's credit histories.

Same Day Fund Transfer

Gone are the days when you had to wait for days or weeks to get the approval for a larger funding amount. Nowadays, online lending allows long term loans on same day payout.

As soon as you submit your application, our financial experts quickly go through all the details and analyse your application chances. If everything goes well, we instantly approve the loan application and allow the disbursal of funds on the same day.

Minimum Documentation

While applying for loans through the online format, you do not have to indulge in documentation. You can send us the scanned copies of the documents required, and we quickly analyse them to allow fast long term loans.

We expect that you will show responsibility while submitting the application and put only the genuine details to verify.


Just like short-term loans, long-term loans are also available in different varieties. At EasyLoanHub, we want to take care of your entire finance and to remove any aftermaths of a financial emergency

We have a wide range of loan options, which can support your future financial goals. These are:-

Long Term Loans for Unemployed

Are you currently unemployed but want to continue the cash flow to achieve big in your life? If you are about to join a new employment, we can consider your loan application for the long term funding.

Long Term Debt Consolidation Loans

Pending debts are alone enough to disturb your financial life. By getting the loans for the long term at EasyLoanHub, you can quickly get rid of all the remaining dues and enjoy the financial balance for a continuous period.

Long-Term Unsecured Loans

Do you not have any asset to pledge? There is nothing to worry about because we can offer unsecured loans with the criterion of the guarantor’s presence. If you default in the mid way of your loan term, your guarantor can make the remaining payment.

Long Term Car Loans

You can apply for long term loans to purchase your dream car. In fact, it is the most common lending source during the car purchase and opted by most people. We have exclusive deals on car loans available in manageable monthly instalments.

Long Term Installment Loans

The option of long term installment loans is useful in maintaining a financial balance for a long time. It comes with no hassle and on immediate basis.


The most prominent feature of modern-day lending is the opportunity of getting long-term loans with poor credit from direct lenders. Your past credit errors do not impact your loan application. In place of this, we consider your loan application on your current financial performance. If it is good, then you are eligible to borrow funds even if you have bad credit history.

At EasyLoanHub, we follow a different but for practical lending approach, which is marked by a significant feature called FLEXIBLE LENDING.

You have an excellent chance of availing a loan despite having a poor credit history. It is done with the help of either soft or no credit check. You do not have to worry about the interest rates, as they are competitive always.

Bad credit long term loans are available on following terms:-

  • Flexible repayment terms: you can make the full use of it and enhance your credit profile;
  • No upfront fees: we do not charge any upfront payment and only the interest rate you need to pay;
  • Approval on CCJ: we can consider your loan application despite having County Court Judgement against your name.


Many borrowers like you want to apply for long term loans without a guarantor. It generally happens when someone has the bad credit record.

Anyone hesitates to take the guarantee of those individuals, whom financial credibility is at below par. We are the responsible enough to tackle with this matter and ready to prepare deals on long term loans for bad credit with no guarantor in the UK.

How the loan approval comes? Yes, we know that you have such query in your mind. Our flexible lending policies that consider:

  • You can pledge an asset according to the value of the amount;
  • Show your repayment capacity through your recent income status

As the borrowers, you should be familiar with the fact that applying for long term loans with no guarantor does have change in interest rates as usual.


EasyLoanHub offers long term loans for both personal and business requirements. To know in detail, you can go through following features:-

  • Very helpful in building a credit score
  • Remove your pending debts easily
  • Exciting loan deals for fresh customers
  • Instant cash loan on competitive rates for any credit history
  • A perfect way to back your Guaranteed car financing
  • Best option to continue cash flow
  • Reduce investor’s intervention
  • An ideal way to build business credit
  • Expand your business sphere to more counties
  • Cover the journey from small to large enterprise


If someone wants to apply for long term loans from direct lenders not from the banks, then it must be some reasons. The most significant of them is the flexible lending norms. It is the main ingredient of modern-day online lending.

Our primary objective is not to compete with the traditional lenders but to become their alternatives. Our long term loans involve flexible lending where everything is there for everyone.

EasyLoanHub has the financial solutions that matter to you. You can use them for any of your significant financial issues. We vow to offer help on the platform of convenience and uncomplicated procedure. Why delay? Submit your loan application now.

EasyLoanHub Other Lending Institutions
No Upfront Charges Mere Advertisement
Single-day application process The process may take days or weeks
Fee-free financial advice May have to approach brokers
Easy approval on bad credit Hard credit check
Flexible interest rates and repayment plans Usually, a fixed lending policy


What is a long term loan?

Long term loan is a usual form of personal loans that people apply for solving their considerable funding issues. These loans come with larger amount and lower interest rates as compare to the short-term loans. However, you have to pledge an asset to secure the amount or having the signature of a guarantor to ensure the repayments. The loan term is large and thus, monthly instalments are comparatively smaller to manage.

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