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Poor Credit Loans

Poor Credit Loans

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Financial assistance comes with the trust factor. When you have higher trustworthiness, anyone can help you anytime. Unfortunately, such a facility is not with people with poor credit scores.

These individuals have the worst credit history because they are not disciplined enough towards the payments. No one can deny the fact that some circumstances force people to be in a bad credit state.

Problems are plenty when it comes to low credit scores, as it means lower financial credibility. The traditional lenders rarely forward their helping hand and often deny the loan applications with bad credit scores.


The poor credit loans from direct lendersseem the relevant solution where approval has a higher ratio than denial.

The factor of FLEXIBLE LENDING, which the private lender offers, favours the concerned borrowers. It means your past credit record does not make a difference in your loan chances.

LoanStore is the new-age lender and offers poor credit loans with full responsibility. We not only assist financially but also guide borrowers to keep their finances right on track.

The loan features are:

  • Fee-free guidance
  • Flexible repayment plans
  • Competitive interest rates
  • 100% online procedure
  • 98.5% loan approval chances

We only offer loans on affordability, which means you borrow according to your repayment capacity and current financial commitment.


Applying for loans for people with poor creditmust have some unique aspects so that borrowers can make the most out of them.

We, as the responsible private lender in the UK, bring several loan advantages. These are:

Relaxed Credit Check
Unlike other credit providers, we are more flexible in our lending approach. We do not believe in a hard credit check, as it impacts the credit record. Instead, we follow a soft credit check approach making borrowing a lot easier for the borrowers.

Easy Monthly Installment
We are among the right names when someone searches for direct lenders for poor credit installment loans. You can easily manage the installments from your monthly income and repay the loan throughout the term.

Chance to Improve Credit Score
With convenient monthly installments, you have a better chance of improving the credit scores. However, you have to be sincere in repaying the loans until the loan term ends.

No Upfront Charges
Loans for bad credit people usually have higher rates of interest. The burden on your pockets comes more when the lender charges upfront fees. We do not charge any extra fee and only the interest rates you have to pay.

Quick Funding During Emergency
Financial emergency does occur but you, have to be prepared for this. Our poor credit loans are available online and ensure fast funding with not much paperwork to intervene.


Preparation is vital when you combat a financial emergency. Loans are no doubt the best solution to survive, but you cannot choose this option blindly.

You should compare loans for poor creditbefore finalising any deal. It is a good practice to get the right deal from the right source. However, there is no need to approach any broker to find out the loan offer.

The UK marketplace has a bunch of online lenders who offer financial help to those with less-than-perfect credit history. We are among them and provide bespoke loan deals in their favour.

See what you need to look at while comparing thepoor credit score loans:-

How Much Should You Borrow? -It is an essential point because the comparison prevents you from borrowing more than your actual needs.

What should be the Ideal Loan Term?- The borrowing amount should be manageable to repay within the suitable loan term. You should not exceed the term until you are not capable of following it.

What interest rate you can pay? - Comparing the loan deals gives you the advantage of getting the correct interest rate, which is suitable for your pocket.

What are the types of Poor Credit Loans in the UK?

The traditional lenders follow stricter policy towards the people with the blemished credit report. On the other hand, availing of poor credit loans from a direct lender gives you the advantage of choosing one apt deal out of many.

You can finalise the loan after analysing your financial capacity and the actual need for funds. Therefore, we provide you with a variety of poor credit loans in the UK.

Personal Loans: The most significant benefit you have even with low credit is to avail of any purpose loans. Yes, we are talking about personal loans for poor credit people. Apply them for any of your financial expense.

Business Loans: Not only for your personal purposes, but you can also fulfil your commercial goals. Indeed, we have exclusive deals on business loans for poor credit, including competitive interest rates.

Short-term Loans: Financial emergencies need a quick response from somewhere. You can approach us to get the funding in no time by applying for short term loans for poor credit.

Long-term Loans:There is another world beyond financial emergencies. Here, the talking is on the longer financial goals, which you can easily accomplish with our funding support. It comes through long-term loans with poor credit.

Payday Loans: We have special arrangements for extreme financial urgencies too. Submit your online loan application now for payday loans for poor creditand repay on your next salary day.

No Guarantor Loans: A bad credit score restricts you to find out the person to take your guarantee. There is no need for that, as we offer loans for poor credit with no guarantor.

Secured Loans: Get the bigger amount to borrow for your longer financial expenses. Pledge the collateral and get the desired amount with our secured loans for poor credit. Borrow funds and get lower interest rates.

Unsecured Loans: Borrow funds with no risk of losing collateral. Our unsecured loans for poor creditare available on easy norms and get the funds on the same day of the application.

Consolidation Loans: Do not worry too much about pending debts. With debt consolidation loans for poor credit, merge them into a single loan and pay lower interest rates.

How Online Loans for Poor Credit Work?

LoanStore deals only in online loans and makes borrowing easier for each of its borrower. The procedure is away from paperwork and legwork, and it paves the way for quick loans for poor credit people.

The loan procedure has the following steps:-

Step 01: Fill the online application form with the required details

Step 02: Submit the form and wait for approval

Step 03: A quick review of your detail and get an obligation-free loan quote

Step 04: Confirm the quote and get the amount within 24 hours

Step 05: Make loan repayments as per schedule

A few suggestions to get the guaranteed approval on instant loans for poor credit:-

1. Keep your income status alive and do not apply for loans when completely unemployed

2. Try to maintain your recent credit performance acceptable for the lender

3. Do not borrow more than your financial capacity

4. Repay the borrowed sum within the prescribed schedule

5. Contact the lender regularly if there is any difficultyin repaying the loan

Are loans for very poor credit Available here?

The lending doors are always open for people with poor credit scores. The online loan offers are available for everyone, irrespective of your past credit score.

Recently, we have received increasing demand forvery poor credit loanstoo. Yes, individuals with really bad credit score also struggle to get loan approval. Even if they get success in a loan deal, the lender charges very high-interest rates.

There is no doubt that the interest rates are higher for those with adverse credit scores. We still try hard to keep them manageable by not adding any extra charge.

We approve loan applications for those individuals who are even struggling with County Court Judgement (CCJ) against their name. The best part is that you can apply for very poor credit loans with no guarantor and no broker. The approval comes solely on the following criteria:-

  • Your recent financial performance (especially in terms of credit card payments)
  • Your current income status (either full-time or part-time)
  • Your guarantor at the time of loan application (it is not mandatory)

LoanStore offers affordable very poor credit loans for only a small amount to borrow. These loans are not available for long-term funding.

Why Choose LoanStore for Poor Credit Loans?

A loan offer is only successful if the concerned lender is offering it on borrower-friendly features. It is what LoanStore is all about. We know the significant impact of poor credit on someone’s loan chances. Therefore, we are soft and flexible with our lending approach.

We are the right solutionto the query - where to get the best loans for poor credit from a direct lender?

Reliability -Show your trust in us, and we bring financial balance to your life.

Responsibility - We are dedicated to affordable loan deals to meet your personal and business ends.

Result-Oriented - You can expect desired outcomes with our bespoke loan offers.

The feasible and flexible deals on poor credit loan describe our importance in the UK marketplace. Do not miss the chance of availing the loans and bring a necessary improvement in your credit profile. Apply now.